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About 9x Local Leads

We are a full-service Delaware marketing agency that has decades of experience working with home service businesses just like yours.

We work with home service-based businesses like roofers, general contractors, HVAC, Electric, Car dealers, Plumbers, bath and kitchen professionals to solve their marketing challenges in a cost-efficient and unique manner, specializing in lead generation.

We deliver coherent and targeted messaging to break through the noise and deliver a memorable and impactful message to our client’s target audience. However, simply selling our services is not our end goal; we look to build long-term relationships with our partner companies as we help them soar to new heights.

Whether you need to promote a product, service, event, or just seek to effectively build your company’s brand, we can spread your message to specifically tailored audiences with a wide array of digital marketing agency efforts, including SEO and PPC advertising. Our digital marketing agency partners include Google AdWords (we are a Google certified partner), Facebook, Twitter, AdRoll, and several other industry-leading ad platforms.

Our in-house digital marketing agency team of graphic designers and content specialists design and build exceptional websites that out-rank and out-perform those of our clients’ competitors. We utilize the thoughts and perspectives of our entire team to tackle our client’s challenges and create solutions driven by data, knowledge, logic, research, creativity, and intuition.

Our work is bold—some might even say aggressive. Our digital marketing agency is small and nimble, and we have the freedom and flexibility to take risks in order to respond to our clients’ needs. We aren’t afraid to develop and execute an aggressive campaign to establish our client’s goals.

That said, we also believe in simplicity, and that design is a tool rather than a goal. Our clients never doubt that we are working to achieve their goals, not simply working to bolster our portfolios. Sometimes simple and memorable is best.

Our reputation is as Delaware’s top full service marketing agency that focuses on clients’ goals and has the full toolkit to meet those goals and the humility to keep the focus on the message, not the messenger.

9X Local Leads greatest source of value to our clients is the creative way we think & our passion for our client’s success. Our firm is part of Cool Nerds Marketing; we are large enough to handle any of your marketing needs, but also small enough to provide custom-tailored service to meet your brand’s individual needs. We ensure that all of our clients feel like a big fish in a small pond, rather than the other way around.